My First Blog Post!

Hey, world!

As you may have understood from the section ‘About’, most of my time I spend doing different arts and crafts. The reason I have chosen to write firstly about scrapbooking today is the fact that most of the skills I have obtained these past couple of years are all thanks to the business my mother is running. I have learned a lot, and created a lot. It has been an opportunity that very few children have.  My mother has always known that in our family we are creative, but I am the first one to be able to develop this talent in depth. And it is all because of her effort.

Scrapbooking is the first technique that we took up. We started making cards for special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas. At first, they were amateur and appropriate only for family members but with time we excelled and we devoted more and more time to this. My mother made her own blog and this is the moment when it all started to become more serious and the dream of having a craft shop was born.

And look at us now! The dream is fulfilled and we are learning about thousands of techniques, art and interior styles.

These are some of the cards I have made lately:

Have you ever tried scrapbooking? Leave me a comment describing some of your adventures with this technique, if you would like!


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Hi! I am Alex, 18, from Bulgaria. I make art and handmade things.

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