Book Autopsy: Paper Dress

Maybe you can tell that I am a bit more into crafting. I guess it must be the direct touch of the flat of the hand and the fingers that makes it more special than holding a pencil or brush. Or the satisfaction the process of creating something with your bare hands gives. Or how much considerably more valuable the handmade is.

A couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted to make something bigger than I usually do, maybe even in human size. And a paper dress came to mind.

I started with the usual – searching for similar ideas, looking at finished projects, reading about the brainstorming and processes the artists went through, matching different styles and finally creating one design I liked the most of all I had seen by then.

The one I made is mostly inspired by Ebonykate‘s paper dress. She took part in a contest the concept of which was to revolutionize the form of the book. Surprisingly enough to me, she did not win. But still her creation is crazy beautiful!

The first stages were brief. I had to find a used mannequin that looked preserved enough not to steal the viewers’ eyes with its shabbiness. Then choose a book that I was willing to destroy, which was pretty much the hardest of all. After that I figured out how to make the base of the dress with newspapers and start layering the actual book pages.

But the final and most crucial touches to the dress came with time. I thought it would be best to make the dress at home in my room, so every day I observed it and thought of the most suitable accents, decorations and accessories.
three positions


It was something I never thought I’d make, actually. It would be awesome if the dress was wearable, though. It could even be my prom dress. 🙂

Have you ever created something like this? Not specifically a paper dress, it could be a piece of clothing from an unusual material or a paper creation in human size. If positive, go to the comment section and tell me all about it!


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Hi! I am Alex, 18, from Bulgaria. I make art and handmade things.

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