A Project on ‘The Little Prince’

Here I come with another blogpost about a model based on literary work! This time I have chosen Exupéry’s The Little Prince.

Earlier this summer I was on the train to Plovidv to go to a drawing lesson and I was reading The Little Prince. It was my second or third reading of the story but I felt as if I hadn’t read the story at all. My understanding of the The Little Prince was completely new and different.

I had seen an antique paper theatre toy on Pinterest (my source of inspiration for, safe to say, everything 🙂 ) and the rereading of the classic provoked my mind to start working. The atmosphere in the train was really inspirational because of the quiet rumbling sounds the train was making and the picturesque views of my home, Bulgaria, so I was able to come up with the idea of this model:



I wanted to create every planet the little prince steps on, namely Asteroid B-612, Asteroids 325-330 and the Earth, and put the little prince in front of everything as if he is watching all the planets, thinking of his past and everything he has learned on each visit.

Can you remember what he learns on the planets?

The wooden base of the model was made thanks to the inventive hands and mind of my creative father. For the drawings I used soft pastels because I think they are a material which gives you the opportunity to create something very rich in colour but in an easy and quick way. Most of them are inspired by Nika Goltz’s incredible illustartions of The Little Prince. At the back of the model you can see a night sky. The drawings are attached with cord.

Making a model on The Little Prince was really enjoyable. I cannot wait to watch the latest filming of the story!

Have you ever done such a project? Would you like to share your own understanding of the classic or about the effect it had on you? Please, do not hesitate to leave a comment!


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Hi! I am Alex, 18, from Bulgaria. I make art and handmade things.

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