Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy getting to know me!

The essential things you will learn about me in this blog are these:

I am eighteen and from the town of Pazardzhik in the small south-eastern European country Bulgaria.

Art has been a thing for me since childhood days. It all started with my sister taking care of me, telling me about my future school days and drawing with me. I remember coming up with different clothing ideas, putting them down onto paper and waiting for approval. By this moment drawing was taking over almost all of my time. With adolescence nearing, my interests expanded and I started devoting my time to more handmade things such as scrapbooking and jewelry. It was all because of my mother and her absolutely successful adventure in the business of crafting. Soon I decided art could be my future and I began visiting drawing classes.

My most favourite place on earth is the sea and my colour is blue.

near my favourite Bulgarian town by the sea Sozopol


Pearl Jam is the band that holds a huge part into building my character. I have been a fan since day one.

I am lucky to have the greatest friends who made one of my biggest dreams come true – owning a record player and collecting vinyls. If I had the strength to ruin a record, surely my room would be filled with upcycled records. Most of my dreams that have become reality – I owe it to my closest people!

Future Alex:

This is a dream that I dearly hope to be able to fulfill. The person you might see me as in a couple of years, if everything goes as planned, should be a scenographer, who travels a lot in and out of work, who never really needs a vacation from work, because they have taken the right path, which will bring them to contentment and fulfillment.


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