Book Autopsy: Paper Dress

Maybe you can tell that I am a bit more into crafting. I guess it must be the direct touch of the flat of the hand and the fingers that makes it more special than holding a pencil or brush. Or the satisfaction the process of creating something with your bare hands gives. Or how much considerably more valuable the handmade is.

A couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted to make something bigger than I usually do, maybe even in human size. And a paper dress came to mind.

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My First Blog Post!

Hey, world!

As you may have understood from the section ‘About’, most of my time I spend doing different arts and crafts. The reason I have chosen to write firstly about scrapbooking today is the fact that most of the skills I have obtained these past couple of years are all thanks to the business my mother is running. I have learned a lot, and created a lot. It has been an opportunity that very few children have.  My mother has always known that in our family we are creative, but I am the first one to be able to develop this talent in depth. And it is all because of her effort.

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